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A New Approach to Scoliosis PREVENTION in children… Early Short Leg Detection, what every parent needs to know.

When Doctors put their heads together… A few years ago, I met up with a colleague, Dr. Jason Jaeger, at a spinal research consortium in Arizona. We listened to the newest research and treatment options for non-invasive spinal care. Later, I had the chance to chat with Dr Jaeger. He told me about a study … Continue reading

Be UpRight. Why UpRight Footwear may help to save you from that 2nd Hip or Knee Replacement

Life Changing… Hip and or knee replacements are life- changing surgeries. Patients often suffer pain and immobility for months after the surgery. Where physical therapy, chiropractic care and medicine fail is in the prevention of a second surgery. In 15 years of practice I’ve seen first hand the struggle patients have after these surgeries. Often, … Continue reading