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A New Approach to Scoliosis PREVENTION in children… Early Short Leg Detection, what every parent needs to know.

When Doctors put their heads together…

A few years ago, I met up with a colleague, Dr. Jason Jaeger, at a spinal research consortium in Arizona. We listened to the newest research and treatment options for non-invasive spinal care. Later, I had the chance to chat with Dr Jaeger. He told me about a study he was doing in his private practice on children with leg length discrepancies. Of course I was intrigued!

Correctable Short Leg
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The Right Analysis…

He studied a small sample of children who exhibited a short leg using a specialized photography called “a Fergusson radiograph”. Dr Jaeger took a radiograph of the child’s leg, then had them wear a heel lift for three months, when he took a second radiograph. The results, while preliminary, showed that wearing an accurately measured heel lift resolved their leg-length inequalities — removing the possibility of developing short-leg scoliosis. Heel lifts, accurately measured and given to children as they grow, were able to resolve leg-length inequalities by using natural growth processes that enable the legs to become equal in length.

At UpRight Footwear, we know your child will hate wearing a heel lift in their shoe. Rather than struggle with adolescent and teenage preferences, not to mention the difficulties of properly fitting lifts into the shoes kids wear, why not get them shoes they’ll enjoy wearing and that have the proper lift built in? A flip-flop or slide that is includes the heel lift as part of the shoe is not only easier than traction or braces, it can help avoid the traumatic surgery that can result from short-leg scoliosis.

If your child’s leg-length inequalities can be fixed with a shoe they’ll be glad to wear, isn’t that the best possible solution?

As you may remember from my previous post, an unbalanced sacrum results in an unbalanced spine — and an unbalanced sacrum is often caused by a short leg. Having your child properly checked for leg length issues is the first step in finding an effective non-invasive treatment for your child. I recommend you begin at www.idealspine.com to find a doctor who can accurately assess if your child’s scoliosis is the result of short leg issues (you’ll find me in there, too). They can design exercises, traction, braces, and other non-surgical methods to reduce or eliminate your child’s scoliosis.

The Right Solution to your child’s Problem is coming…

At UpRight Footwear, we believe everyone is perfect; we just level the playing field. And to help make sure all kids have a chance on that level playing field, we pledge to fund a nationwide study of leg length inequality in children with a portion of proceeds. To stay informed follow this blog and subscribe or follow on Twitter @uprightfootwear

Standby. Our crowd funding platform for our patent pending products is coming soon! http://www.UpRightFootwear.com

Dr Huma Pierce DC CBP


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