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Be UpRight. Why UpRight Footwear may help to save you from that 2nd Hip or Knee Replacement

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Image Posture Expert turned Medical Footwear Specialist, Dr Huma Pierce discusses a better way to avoid a 2nd Hip or knee replacement surge

Life Changing…

Hip and or knee replacements are life- changing surgeries. Patients often suffer pain and immobility for months after the surgery. Where physical therapy, chiropractic care and medicine fail is in the prevention of a second surgery. In 15 years of practice I’ve seen first hand the struggle patients have after these surgeries. Often, by the time they come to see me, it’s too late.

Leg and foot health can do much to preserve a normal spine. A healthy human skeleton, when viewed from the front, is straight with no lateral shifts or high (unbalanced) shoulders or hips. The leg lengths are equal and the arches in both feet are the same height. From the side, the neck has a half-circle/ oval shape, the thoracic cage is…

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