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How Do I Know If I Need A Heel Lift?

Here are 10 tell tale signs you likely have a leg length inequality:

  1. My shoes wear out on one side faster than another
  2. My shoulders are unbalanced
  3. I always cross my legs one way, the other way doesn’t feel comfortable
  4. My pant legs aren’t even
  5. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a kid
  6. My back hurts and nothing is helping
  7. I’ve had hip, knee, or ankle replacement surgery
  8. I’ve broken my leg in the past
  9. I have a dropped arch in my foot
  10. I have foot problems (in one foot more than the other)
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If you have experienced any of these in the past or currently, you may have a leg length inequality! UpRight Footwear is the solution for this common problem! Visit your postural specialist www.c1pdx.com or www.uprightfootwear.com

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