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Could we have saved Prince? 

The late great Prince was always a spectacle! He could do things with his body like back flips and the splits that I never have or could achieve. He wore expressive outfits and danced in heels.

With the sheer shock of his death, and the discovery of a super opiod overdose, I started wondering why he needed to use that level of pain killer. 

What if Prince had a misdiagnosed leg length unequality that resulted in immense bio-mechanical pain he must have endure throughout his performing years? 

What if he saw a physical medicine provider who knew about UpRight Footwear’s lift sandal system and nonslip lifts? What if he could have ended that pain with a neuro-mechanical esthetically pleasing slide. 

What if that day he went to Walgreens and picked up a pair of our sandals and tried them a little before that last fatal dose of drugs? 

Who else is quietly suffering and at their wits end? My research suggests there are over 2 million of us. 

We need your help. We are looking for brands to take our uplifting footwear ideas and turn them in to easily accessible Walmart and Walgreens (etc)  products. If you are (or know) an innovative company that would be interested in helping us help people like Prince, or Heath Ledger or you, send them to info@uprightfootwear.com 

Thank you, we’ll get this done, for all of us.

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Upright Footwear & Upright Technology founded by Dr. Huma Pierce, DC


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