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Could we have saved Prince? 

The late great Prince was always a spectacle! He could do things with his body like back flips and the splits that I never have or could achieve. He wore expressive outfits and danced in heels. With the sheer shock of his death, and the discovery of a super opiod overdose, I started wondering why … Continue reading

Just when you thought your stand up desk was going to make you invincible…

Stand up to pain & suffering? Get a desk and an xray to match!
Then get yourself some UpRight Footwear to correct your LLD. Continue reading

How Do I Know If I Need A Heel Lift?

Here are 10 tell tale signs you likely have a leg length inequality: My shoes wear out on one side faster than another My shoulders are unbalanced I always cross my legs one way, the other way doesn’t feel comfortable My pant legs aren’t even I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a kid My back … Continue reading