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Could we have saved Prince? 

The late great Prince was always a spectacle! He could do things with his body like back flips and the splits that I never have or could achieve. He wore expressive outfits and danced in heels. With the sheer shock of his death, and the discovery of a super opiod overdose, I started wondering why … Continue reading

A New Approach to Scoliosis PREVENTION in children… Early Short Leg Detection, what every parent needs to know.

When Doctors put their heads together… A few years ago, I met up with a colleague, Dr. Jason Jaeger, at a spinal research consortium in Arizona. We listened to the newest research and treatment options for non-invasive spinal care. Later, I had the chance to chat with Dr Jaeger. He told me about a study … Continue reading

Be UpRight. Why UpRight Footwear may help to save you from that 2nd Hip or Knee Replacement

Life Changing… Hip and or knee replacements are life- changing surgeries. Patients often suffer pain and immobility for months after the surgery. Where physical therapy, chiropractic care and medicine fail is in the prevention of a second surgery. In 15 years of practice I’ve seen first hand the struggle patients have after these surgeries. Often, … Continue reading


UpRight Footwear wants you to follow your doctor’s orders all summer long.

It’s hard to follow your Doctor’s orders when it comes to wearing your heel lift in the summer. They slip and fall out of place, look obvious and the glue or double sided sticky tape never lasts very long. This inevitably leads to unnecessary pain and suffering. UpRight Footwear™ strives to alleviate this problem and as … Continue reading