Why Orthotics Aren’t Enough.

The good doctor S would have you believe that just gelling will ease your 8 hour standing (or sitting) workday and relieve your tiredness and pain. Well, that’s half the story. The newest technology borrowed from the running world begs to differ. The German human performance company Medi, has a new sleeve (and socks) that effectively helps your own lower leg circulation optimize oxygen uptake from your blood. This juices / dopes you naturally in addition to your comfy orthotics.
Compression socks have been around for a long time and your grandmother swears by them… But the sleeves available at uprightfootwear.com are mildly reminiscent of our “let’s get physical” (a la Olivia Newton-John) days with a great natural benefit, ENERGY!
Standing all day as a chiropractor, running around all evening after my 6-minute-mile-nine-year-old was unbelievably tiring. But not anymore! My Flash pink sleeves are a life saver! So much so, that they are the inaugural product I’ve chosen to feature on uprightfootwear.com.
Yes, our footwear is coming in 2015. Yes, we are researching the most technologically light and advanced materials for the product… But more on that later… Even if you don’t run, these sleeves will energize you all day. Try them, you won’t be sorry!

Dr Huma Pierce
Founder UpRight Footwear inc



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